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Manufacturing process

Carding MachineCarding is a mechanical process that breaks up locks and unorganised clumps of fibre and then aligns the individual fibres so that they are more or less parallel with each other. These ordered fibres can then be passed on to other processes that are specific to the desired end use of the fibre: woollen or yarn.
CardingCarding can also be used to create blends of different fibres or different colors. When blending, the carding process combines the different fibres into a homogeneous mix. Commercial cards also have rollers and systems designed to remove some vegetable matter contaminants from the wool. The carding process allows the fibre stand to flow smoothly when spinning. This is also the stage for blending different wools and to ascertain the ratio of different origins.

Spinning WoolThe carded wool is spun into yarn by using a charkha or a spinning wheel. The thickness of the yarn depends on the quality of the carpet and generally a 3 ply yarn is used.


DyeingDyeing is the process of adding color yarns, and fabrics. Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. After dyeing, dye molecules have uncut Chemical bond with fiber molecules.

Depending on the weather, the dyed yarn has to be dried in the sunlight for one to three days.

Carpet Weaving

Carpet WeavingKnotting is an art. Weavers who weave on a regular basis have a very good speed in knotting. They tend to develop this speed over a span of time. One or more weavers work on a loom depending on the size of the carpet. Each weaver makes individual knots row after row. The designs are chartered out on a graph and a map reader or another weaver instructs the graphic designs to the ones knotting the carpet. The dyed yarn is made into balls and scissors, iron rod, levers, comb beaters are used as tools.

Washing and Drying

WashingThe trimmed carpet is washed with the fresh water & chemicals. The washed carpet is dried in the sunlight up to four or five days.

Trimming/ Cutting
CuttingThe finished carpet is taken off from the loom and the designs & patterns are trimmed by scissors.

Final Touches (re-cutting, stretching and binding)
The dried carpets are given final touches by re-trimming, stretching, binding and finishing wherever necessary. The purpose is to bring the fabric woven in level at the surface.

Packing CarpetsAll washed carpets are rolled and wrapped in polythene sheet and is sealed at each end. Again, it is wrapped in Hessian cloth and sewn. Generally, around 14m2 are packed in each bale.